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About Me

Hi I'm Daniel Hajduk
I have had a life long passion for computers and Computer Programming which started the moment I had my first interaction with a computer as young person. When most kids were interested in gaming, I was passionate about learning to program. I recognised from a young age that I wanted to pursue a career in computer programming.

Today software development is still a passion and a way of life. My philosophy in life is reflective of my passion to cut code and develop programs.

I am highly competitive which is reflected in my attitude to my work and desire to succeed. Success to me is knowing I have delivered great outcomes. I have an attitude that is dedicated, hardworking and a can-do attitude. I am all geek but speak a language that non geeks can understand.

Being a software developer is not enough for me. I thrive on being involved in the many aspect of a technical project from the initial concept, business analysis & design, UI and UX design and prominently the development and implementation. I am comfortable working solo or as part of a team on any size project.

During my career, I have worked across various industries including Finance, Marketing, Gaming, Construction, Supply Chain Logistics & Safety and Compliance and the transport industry.

Highly Motivated & Self Disciplined

I approach by work with a high level of focus & self-discipline. I love what I do and this makes me highly motivated to succeed and get the best results possible.

Agile, Reliable, Dependable

I am self-managed, comfortable working on my own. I am challenged by embracing a project from start to finish. I typiclly divide my projects into small manageable tasks with a view to delivering small working modules to end users. I work closely with users to get feedback with a view to continiously deliver new features and improvements.


Business Software Development for Windows

Mobile Application Development

Database Design &

Systems Analysis &

Data Analytics &

Business Web Development

My Skills

Software Development

Building familiar desktop software systems optimized for Windows 10

Mobile Application Development

Building modern applications for Windows 10 UWP and Android

Business Web Development

Building business web applications using ASP.Net / ASP.Net MVC

DB Design &

Design, Create & Administer transactional databases that can scale to any size or demands, hosted localy or MS Azure Cloud

Data Extracts

Write SQL (Stored Procedures) to Analyse, Extract, Transform & Load data into your SQL database

UI / UX &

Design & Build modern applications that are user friendly & optimised for touch input

Summary & Assessment

For the past five years I have embraced working solo. For me this means that I am been given the task and responsibility of managing and develping all aspects of a project from start to end and including the continued support and enhancements. This has made me approach my work with a high level of focus and self-discipline and has developed my skills to self-manage and prioritise my work.

My strongest & most used skills is designing and developing business application that typically work in a windows desktop environment connected to large SQL database that are optimised for high volume transactions and users.

I spend a large portion of my time doing database work, including data analysis, reporting & data extracts (ETL) using SQL server and Google Big Query (datalake). I am comfortable with Microsoft Excel Pivot charts and have mastered Google Data Studio.

More recently I have a been developing business web sites using ASP.Net / ASP.Net MVC and some mobile applications for Android using Xamarin.

SQL / DB Design






Syncfusion UI controls (WPF)


Entity Framework




MVVM Design Pattern








UI/ UX Design


Excel Charting & Pivoting


DNN (DotNetNuke)


MS Office (Access & Excel)


Tableau Reporting


Google Data Studio







Business Application - Safety & Compliance Systems

Designed and developed a heavy vehicle transport compliance system that replaced many manual processes & many cumbersome excel spreadsheets with an all in one system. The compliance system now operates across the national compliance team fulfilling various key roles

Just some of the key benefits of this system is levels of automations and reporting as well as lots of places with key indicators and notifications ensuring that compliance and other chain of responsibility criteria is continued to be met, despite the large fleet size.

My accomplishments in this role have been to improve efficiencies by replacing many manual processes with fast, secure systems with a level of automation and reporting that have enabled the team deliver mission critical outcomes that were not easily accomplished previously.

Data Analytics - Fleet Utilisation Trends & Analysis

Tasked with delivering various report across the many different business segments and reporting lines. Developed using Tableau, a set of interactive dashboard that role up and aggregate thousands of daily heavy vehicle trips with various forms of compliance critical metrics. The reports allow the individual business to drill down from high level summary reports down to individual driver and vehicle details.

These reports are updated nightly and so management is able to interact with the data at any time. Key to the success of these reports was the ability of the backend to link drivers and vehicles together along various reporting lines such as geographical area or business segment allowing the business to analyse the data in many different way allowing for comparison between these units of measure

Business Application - Logistics Fleet Planning & forecasting

Tasked with the challenge of assisting allocators with job and fleet utilisation and forecasting.

I developed an application that takes in various data sources from different system and combines it together to show summarised dashboard showing fleet utilization and availability.

As a bonus the application would allow users to view and project forecasters several days in advance. The result is allocations teams can better plan and make decisions for future days ensuring that KPI's can be accommodated.

Mobile Application - My Day Rated

An mobile application created out of passion and a desire to do something useful and unique. My Day Rated encourages users to make daily diary journal entries and then rate each entry based on the user felt.

The application was downloaded in the thousands and had a 4 star rating on the store. Rating your days activities and my affinity for statistics and graphs made part of the main feature was the trends and graphs that the app generated.

It was very encouraging to receive feedback from users who have anxiety using My Day Rated to record and rate their day, but importantly using see built in trends and statistics engine to gain insights that were useful.

Gaming System - Back of House Operations

Working in large team of very talented developers and artists, I was tasked with developing the back of house database and supporting modules designed to transact and record games results for the various casino gaming products. Being subject to strict regulatory & compliance requirements, ensured that my code had to be stringently tested, obfuscated and validated by checksums to ensure performance, stability and security.


Advanced Diploma (certificate IV) in Computer Programming in 1998.

This diploma provided me with the grounding skills and knowledge to do software design and computer programming, including relational database design & development and client server application.

This course gave me the skills to leave the nest and along with my business analysis diploma, I was able to get my first big break working for a large international finance company doing software support.

Curriculum included:

  • Software Design
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Implement, test and debug
  • Database Design & Implementation
  • ANSIC C.
  • Object Orientated Programming
  • SQL
  • Microsoft Access (Visual Basic)

Advanced Diploma (certificate IV) in Systems Analysis and Design in 1999.

This diploma provided me with the skills and knowledge to perform Analysis & Design to assess the technology needs I.T projects. This course game me the skills to analyse computer systems and procedures of an organization and make necessary changes to increase productivity, minimize costs, and achieve other business goals.

Curriculum included:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • User Stories
  • Writing technical documents
  • Use Case Diagramming
  • Flow Charting / Data Flow Diagrams
  • Prototyping


Scratch Programming

Scratch Programming

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, & animations — & share your creations with others.

Great for kids aged 8+, but used by people of all ages.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pie

Its the inexpensive credit sized computer that can just about do it all

Great way to introduce you kids to computers. Its worth checking out all the fun projects that you can do

Code Clubs Australia

Code Clubs Australia

Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led coding clubs with a mission to get kids coding

Join a community of people and together teach or learn to code.

>.Net Development


.NET is a developer platform made up of tools, programming languages, and libraries for building many different types of applications.



Xamarin extends the .NET developer platform with tools and libraries specifically for building apps for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac & Tizen

>.Net Development


Cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, & managing applications & services through Microsoft-managed data centers

UNO Platform


The Uno Platform is a Universal Windows Platform Bridge that allows developers to write C# and XAML thats runs on Windows 10,iOS, Android, & WebAssembly.

Pixel-Perfect Multi-Platform Applications with C# & XAML

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education

Minecraft education edition has been a great way for my son to learn computer programming. Together we have coded exciting mods to Minecraft that we can then enjoy straight away.

Great for kids aged 8+, but exciting for all ages.

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